My Story

I primarily grew up in the northern California foothill community of Sonora. After Jr. High I moved to rural Central NY where I endured lake effect snow for six long winters. The colorful foliage of fall will always be the aspect I miss the most from my journeys over 3,000 miles away from home.

My earliest memories are those of regular trips to the beautiful Central Coast. My Grandparents were fortunate enough to buy a quaint beach cottage in Cayucos when the getting was still good and my family and I were able to reap the benefits. Sand castles and crab hunting, are some of my fondest childhood memories. During a trip back west on winter break from my first year of college in NY, I stayed at my Grandparents' humble beach cottage. As I enjoyed farmer's market and walks down the beach in shorts, my friends were back east scraping ice and shoveling snow. That's when I realized that California is where I belonged and that it was time to come back home.

After the spring semester of 2001, one of my roommates and I packed up my little car and hit the road. Three days later we arrived on the Central Coast and never looked back. I haven't seen the entire world, but I have been fortunate enough to experience some amazing places inhabited by people, and there is no arguing that the gorgeous Central Coast of California is right at the top of best places on earth to live. Whether you want to earn an education, make a career, live the beach life, raise a family, or retire peacefully, the Central Coast has what you need. Every day I wake up grateful to live in such a beautiful place, and look forward to making my dreams a reality.

I met my beautiful Wife, Cristina, here on the Central Coast. We both always wanted a "destination wedding" at the beach, and where else would be more fitting than right here at home on the Central Coast. We live in the 5 Cities area and truly love all the different aspects that the Central Coast has to offer. We look forward to raising a family here and continuing to build strong bonds in the community.

We rescued our buddy boy, Odin, the summer of 2013 and he has truly enriched our lives. He's a pit-bull terrier which often get a bad wrap. It is true that they are powerful animals and their humans need to give them the proper care they need in order to be balanced and happy. Odin is a great buddy, he requires a lot of attention and we wouldn't have it any other way! 



In May of 2015 we welcomed our Angel Baby, Anna, and our lives forever changed. We are truly blessed to be able to share life with her each day. You always hear others say how much work a child is and you won't understand until you experience it for yourself, they're right!!! haha But the joy and love she brings to our lives is unimaginable and completely worth every tired day and fussy moment!!! She is the apple of our eye and the sun in our sky!!


In July of 2018 we welcomed our 2nd Angel Baby, Elena. Anna has been the best Super Sister we could ever ask for! We are blessed beyond belief to have these two Beautiful Girls that bring such light to our lives! 

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